California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Take a look behind the scenes at C&C California's photo shoot with VSP Studios and Victor Sanabrais Photographer.

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About C&C California

C&C California is a contemporary lifestyle brand; currently in Women's Sportswear and evolving into Loungewear, Sleepwear, Intimate Apparel.

Building upon its heritage, the C&C California collections honor the legacy of an effortless, understated chic that fully embodies the spirit & lifestyle of the California experience.

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Model - Mariana Salaru

Sleepwear - C&C California

Make up - Khadine Ali

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We take our color inspiration from the soft, sun drenched hues of our desert landscapes, the moody shades of our rolling mountain ranges and the misty marine blues of the Pacific. Infused with The Golden State’s sun, sand, surf and spectacular, radiant light, our collection reflects a rich and inspired colorful palette.

Shop the Collection - Available at Lord & Taylor

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Bersuse Towels and Bikini On Demand

Bersuse Towels and Bikini On Demand

Spring cleaning means room for summer shopping and a good beach towel is arguably the most under appreciated summer essential. Bersuse aims to offer the best quality Turkish towels, produced with the highest standards. They are sand repellent, absorbent, and compact, just what you need for some fun in the sun!


Shop the Solé Bicycle Co. bicycle - Available at



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Shop the Bersuse beach towels - They are available at South Beach Miami.

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One-Piece Swimsuit - Cabana Del Sol



Havana Nights Collection

a Havana cuba-Inspired collection by denisse diaz swimwear

The Havana Nights Summer/Spring 2018 collection is rich in vibrant colors and exploding patterns, perfectly capturing the character of Cuba and taking you back in time to the vast culture of a country trapped in time.

Shop the 2018 Havana Nights Summer/Spring Collection - It is available at South Beach Miami.

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Check out the complete look book.

Go behind the scenes with VSP Studios and Victor Sanabrais Photographer in Islamorada Florida as they photograph the debut swim collection "Havana Nights" from Denisse Diaz Swimwear


Born in Cuba but raised in Miami since the age of four, Norys developed at an early age a passion for fashion and style. She started fashion school in 1994 and opened her manufacturing factory and two boutiques in 1997 in the city of Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. She won Fashion Designer of the year with the Chamber of Commerce at the age of 22 and her custom Couture line and ready to wear line were also sold in various boutiques in Miami. During this time her seven year old niece, Denisse Diaz, would visit her boutiques and factory and loved every minute of it. She was fascinated with the sewing machines and loved to help with anything that she could. Their fashion conversations started very early and they would always talk about how one day they would do something together in the fashion world. In 2001, Norys closed her manufacturing factory because all of the factories in Miami were moving to Dominican Republic and the economy was not doing well. She became a housewife and stayed home with her three kids and assisted her husband with his logistics company. After many years, Denisse decided to also attend art school and graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design. In the past, Denisse has had the privilege of having her garments walk the runway at Funkshion Fashion Week and at Miami Swimweek.

Now at the age of 42 and 27, Norys and Denisse wish to share their creativity with the world and are excited to launch their swimsuit and Resort wear line with exquisite style and great attention to detail. Their vibrant colors and unique prints reflect their Latin roots and the Miami lifestyle.

 The Havana Nights Summer/Spring 2018 collection was shot on location in  Islamorada Florida  by  Victor Sanabrais Photographer .

The Havana Nights Summer/Spring 2018 collection was shot on location in Islamorada Florida by Victor Sanabrais Photographer.

Model - Hailey Outland
Model Agency - Next Models Miami
Make up - Khadine Ali




Luminora and the gift of light

Resort and Swim Wear 2018 Collection -

The name luminora™ derived from the Latin word “Lumin“(light) and the Greek word “Dora“(gift), meaning the “Gift of light“.

Luminora™ creates high quality sun-protective clothing for women who value freedom. Freedom to travel, and explore the world guilt and worry free. Luminora™ is sun-protective apparel elevated.

Shop the 2018 Luminora Collection -

 Azi Hendi Luminora Founder

Azadeh (Azi) Hendi, a former attorney, is a fearless globetrotter with an obsession for all places sunny and a passion for design and fashion. As the wife of a distinguished skin cancer surgeon, Azi knows firsthand the perils of inadequate sun protection. Mother of two active boys, she spent many hours outdoors at the park and the beach with her family. Azi found that her active outdoor lifestyle was in conflict with science linking sun exposure to skin cancer, discoloration of the skin and premature aging. An advocate at heart, Azi merged her love for design, science and travel, and created a collection of comfortable, stylish, sun protective clothing that she could wear on the go or relaxing by the water. Azadeh, meaning “free spirit” in the ancient Persian language, set out to promote freedom for all women desiring a healthy lifestyle. LuminoraTM is a call to freedom. Freedom to seek, explore and experience life guilt and worry free. Freedom to want it all, without risking it all.


Dr. Hendi is a board certified dermatologist, fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, and renowned skin cancer specialist. After completing his training, he worked at the Mayo Clinic before establishing a state of the art skin cancer surgery center in the Washington DC area. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Georgetown University where he teaches dermatology trainees. Having treated over 10,000 skin cancers and publishing over 20 scientific papers and a book (Atlas of Skin Cancers), he is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. Furthermore, he is a skin cancer expert for the media. He has been interviewed for over 50 print, online and TV interviews, educating the public about sun safety and skin cancer awareness. Some of his interviews have been with Men’s Health, Family Circle, Women’s Health, US News & World Report, ABC Nightly News and PBS NewsHour. He is an active member of the American Academy of DermatologySkin Cancer Foundation, and American College of Mohs Surgery.

The Luminora 2018 collection was shot on location in Miami by Victor Sanabrais Photographer.



Love Bites

As Valentine's day comes to an end, it's not too late to spoil your loved one with on-trend, sensual styling. Treat her to Rene Rofe's irresistible lingerie.


Rene' Rofe' Lingerie was founded in 1986 and has grown rapidly since, maintaining an international presence in the worlds of luxury and fine lingerie. With on-trend, sensual styling and painstaking attention to detail, they satisfy your need for delicate lace teddies, chemises, bra sets, and much more. Unleash your secret desires and indulge your fantasy with this collection of irresistible lingerie.

Every piece in this irresistible collection is constructed using the highest quality lace, mesh, and fishnet hosiery, and features tantalizing designs and luxurious details that will inspire your passion. Feminine and seductive, this lingerie has everything you need to spice things up and get heartbeats racing.

Tika Camaj and VSPstudios take a walk on the wild side with this collection of flirty yet sophisticated lingerie.

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Let her know you care and order her Rene Rofe lingerie directly from or Touch of Modern



Gear up for your toughest workouts

Throughout its history, Tapout has been fueled by hard-body fitness at its core. By aligning with world-class athletes in the combat arena, Tapout quickly became synonymous with dedication, hard work and passion. With its roots in combat sports, Tapout has evolved to focus on training and fitness for athletes of all disciplines. Tapout remains committed to its essence of discipline, determination and motivation—and today, inspires the athlete in every individual.

Gear up for your toughest workouts with Tapout, a WWE partnered brand.

Originally created due to a lack of Mixed Martial Arts apparel, Tapout has revolutionized the workout industry by leaving us a surplus of options in fitness apparel.

Tapout worked with VSPstudios to seamlessly showcase the brands' pieces.

Using its unique ghost mannequin method to photograph the apparel VSPstudios' photographer, Victor Sanabrais, was able to capture Tapout's essence.