Liberian entrepreneur, Tianna Sherman-Kesselly is all the craze in contemporary African fashion

Liberian born and American raised, Tianna uses her unique heritage to fuse beautiful pieces for the fashion conscious, female customer. With most of her garments originating from Liberia she helps boost local economy. 

Founded in 2010, Afropolitan tailors its style of contemporary African fashion to appeal to our core 25-45 year-old, fashion conscious, female customer, although we find that women of all ages are attracted to our brand. While Afropolitan’s core business focuses on female fashion, the brand also offers designs for men, children and the home.
Tianna makes modern easy to wear clothes, with something extra. Wearing Afropolitan does not make you become somebody else; instead it highlights and celebrates who YOU are. To help celebrate the individual, Afropolitan carries a broad selection of styles, and offers limited quantities of each African Print so as to increase the uniqueness of each piece. Tianna introduces new merchandise to her boutique frequently.

Good ethics, quality and genuine handicraft are the base of Afropolitan´s designs. Also featured on CNN, Tiana truly embodies the success of hard-work and determination.