Throughout its history, Tapout has been fueled by hard-body fitness at its core. By aligning with world-class athletes in the combat arena, Tapout quickly became synonymous with dedication, hard work and passion. With its roots in combat sports, Tapout has evolved to focus on training and fitness for athletes of all disciplines. Tapout remains committed to its essence of discipline, determination and motivation—and today, inspires the athlete in every individual.

Gear up for your toughest workouts with Tapout, a WWE partnered brand.

Originally created due to a lack of Mixed Martial Arts apparel, Tapout has revolutionized the workout industry by leaving us a surplus of options in fitness apparel.

Tapout worked with VSPstudios to seamlessly showcase the brands' pieces.

Using its unique ghost mannequin method to photograph the apparel VSPstudios' photographer, Victor Sanabrais, was able to capture Tapout's essence.