I am asked all time..."who is you all time favorite model?" Over the years, there are many that I have worked with who have reached great success in the modeling industry, but my heart will always remain with one.

I was asked to do a casting in NYC and it was there that I meet a shinning new face in a crowded room of up and coming models...Elsa Hosk. When this blonde, Swedish, angelic beauty walked into the room, I immediately turned to my crew and said..."that girl is a diamond...a super star...one day she will be a Victoria's Secret Angel...shes hired!"

Soon I found out that she was new to the game and had just recently left her basketball career behind to pursue a a life in front of the camera.

She made the right decision, as he career took off and now you can see her image in every Victoria's Secret store across the country.

Recently I was asked to collaborate with contemporary artist Javier Martin on his Blindness Collection. His unique style of mixed media, incorporating photography with neon lighting applications, has made him one of the rising stars in the art field. I'm honored to be working with such a great talent and when it came time to select a photo to be used, we decide to use one of the images from my shoot with Elsa.

My favorite model with my favorite artist...I am truly blessed for this opportunity. If you are in NYC May 3-8th be sure to swing by Pier 94 and see this amazing collection.

Javier Martin Blindness Collection

Valli Art Gallery Wynwood Miami

Valli Art Gallery Wynwood Miami