VSP Studios Vertical Video e-Commerce Production

Online publishers & apparel brand marketers are increasingly experimenting with & embracing vertical formats

Vertical video marketing is growing strong, driven in particular by the popularity of apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Changing content consumption patterns make vertical viewing on mobile more common.

Apparel fashion is ideally suited to this format, as customers shop via their favorite social media app.

Most smartphones are used in portrait orientation (most popular smart phones showing 90% portrait usage - MOVR, Q2 2017)

A study by Yahoo, Nielsen and Hunter Qualitative, shows vertical ads on a mobile vertical screen can improve affinity by 80 percent.

Vertical video drives 9x the engagement of horizontal video on mobile. Consumers are embracing mobile video - brands would do well to catch on quick.”
— Garett Sloane, Adweek

the latest trend in smart phone marketing is going vertical

Shopping Cart Vertical Video Point Of Sale Video

Enhance your brands shopping experience with vertical video.

Add vertical video to your shopping cart pages, and boost your conversion rates with short play, attention capturing videos.

An 8 to 10 second video clip is created with a model showcasing your garments, demonstrating the fit, and style of your collection.


Social Media Vertical Video Advertising

Produce 15 second promotional advertising, vertical videos that market your brand to the smart phone shopping generation.

Let VSP Studios direct, shoot, and edit your next social media advertisement, that increases your customer base engagement.

Post your videos on social media apps to drive site traffic, and boost conversions for your brand.

Instagram Stories now has 150 million daily users who know how to SWIPE UP TO SHOP!