Tawny Jordan for Pink Lipstick Lingerie • Victor Sanabrais Photographer


Photography by Victor Sanabrais

The amazing, multi talented Tawny Jordan stopped by our Pink Lipstick suite in Sin City last weekend to show us how to party like a rock star. In between pimping our Snapchat, kicking our ass at champagne pong, and teaching us how to kick box, we managed to squeeze off a few pics.

if you’ve followed Tawny’s career at all, you know she made the meteoric rise from small-town beauty to jet-setting, internationally published model in just a few short years. A feisty ball of determination, energy, and jaw-dropping sex appeal, she now calls photo studios, private jets, and five-star hotels her home. As a social media superstar, she rocks Instagram hard, but she OWNS Snapchat with her highly-viewed weekly Q&As. Plus, she’s a bonafide bad ass with a black belt in karate.

When Pink Lipstick started shooting Tawny in 2014, it was love at first sight. She embodies the Pink Lipstick ethos of “Have your cake and eat it too, especially if it’s a giant, pink, jewel-encrusted cake filled with pink champagne.” Wide open, wild, and unstoppable: that’s Pink Lipstick. And Tawny Jordan!

Follow Tawny here:

Instagram: @TawnyJordan
Snapchat: @TawnyJordan
Twitter: @TawnyJordanRing
Official Website: www.tawnyjordanring.com
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/TawnyJordanRingModel