VSP Studios on TV!  CBS Miami Channel 4 stopped by our photo shoot production at The Temple House - Miami South Beach for Rene Rofe Sexy Lingerie.

They call it “video mapping,” and the team at The Temple House on Miami Beach has assembled jaw dropping scenes using a projector to create 360 degree views inside this private indoor venue.

Wilson Kello, the creative director for renerofesexy.com asked VSPstudios to create a video mapping projection, virtual environment set, that adds a modern technology twist to their new marketing campaign.

Temple House Rene Rofe Sexy Video Mapping
Im so excited to shoot this part of our campaign at The Temple House. Video mapping has been around in some form for the past 40 years (and projection as an art form far longer), but the art and technique have reached a point where virtual worlds can be created, destroyed, and recreated in an instant. To turn this amazing, even supernatural space, into a location for a lingerie shoot, is a one-of-a-kind experience, and I truly think it’s never been done before. Has video mapping been incorporated into events and performances? Of course. Even fashion shows, sparingly. But to use video mapping to create an evolving environment that tells a brand’s story, in still images and video, I believe that’s a first.
This shoot is all about using video mapping as our primary light source. So, we are able to tell your story and give a video brand message not by using a location but by projecting images on the wall creating this virtual reality 3D environment around the models in real time.
— Wilson Kello, creative director for renerofesexy.com

Temple House is a place that you must see to believe. Weddings, events and all kinds of media productions have been produced here, but this is their first fashion brand client to conduct a photo shoot utilizing the full video projection mapping effect.

We are incorporating a really cool technology here called projection mapping. It’s been done in Europe before but not so much here in the U.S. It changes the entire dynamic the way productions are done. It’s remarkable technology.
— Daniel Davidson, owner of The Temple House


Two of the hottest lingerie models in the game, Erin Cummins and Tika Camaj, posed in front of both live and prerecorded images of themselves and various "virtual scenes" that filled the walls around them.

Today I’m just shooting with available light in the room. Making virtual reality lighting part of my tool kit. So it’s a live-feed camera that’s actually shooting them as we’re shooting them. It’s cutting edge stuff here. Its how we roll!
— Victor Sanabrais Photographer
Tika Camaj Rene Rofe Sexy Lingerie Temple House Miami